Reconnecting people with the underwater world through celebrating powerful personal stories and creating ocean-related projects.

Hey, I’m Terence, The Ocean Lover Founder.

The Ocean is my essence and the mirror of my soul.

I am a passionate waterman from Australia, now based in the watery parts of Southern California and Hawaii.

I have an instinctive bond with the ocean as it is where I find my calm. In my life, water fills the light, the sound, the air, my mind, and it is as though, “out of water, I am nothing” (thanks Duke Kahanamoku).

The ocean has taught me to be humble, mindful and have a simple awareness that everything in life is interconnected. It has unlocked my creativity, curiosity and unleashed a sense of expansiveness.

It’s what gets me out of bed when the sun is rising, and tucks me in when it’s dark.

Through sharing personal stories, I hope to help you reconnect with the ocean in ways that makes you feel good, and helps you become a better version of yourself.

OCEAN LOVERS Interview Series


Lives shaped by the ocean.

The ocean can be a formidable and dangerous place. But to some, it’s a limitless world of play, freedom and opportunity to live life to the fullest. A new interview series, OCEAN LOVERS, tells the stories of people who have experienced the transformative effects of the ocean.


The Power of the Ocean
with Terence Bell