Steve Munatones, Huntington Beach, CA, USA

What’s your ocean?
Huntington Beach, California since 1962. I also spent much time in the Charles River during college, Waikiki after college, and Ajigaura Beach while working in Japan.

How did you fall in love with the ocean?
My parents took me to the beaches of Southern California nearly as soon as I was born and most weekends after that growing up.

What is your regular ocean routine?
I live by the beach and it is an integral part of my lifestyle whether enjoying it myself or writing about people who challenge it, race in it, research it, or push their upper physiological or psychological limits in it.

What is your most memorable ocean experience?
Crossing the Tsugaru Channel both ways in 1990.

Do you use the ocean as therapy, self-healing?
I am only alive now because I swim. I experienced a massive heart attack in 2016 – where my son gave me life-saving CRP – and only survived it because I was physically fit due to a lifetime of swimming.

They say the mother of learning is play, what has the ocean taught you?
Being humble and in awe of Mother Nature and the natural way of living cooperatively with nature

What is your biggest fear about the ocean?
That future generations may not be able to enjoy what I have been able to in my lifetime.

Is there a person or project that has developed your passion or inspiration for the ocean?
My parents who introduced me to the wonders of walking in sand and playing in the surf.

What’s your favorite film or book about the ocean?
The Big Blue and Lewis Pugh’s 21 Yaks and a Speedo.

What’s your wildest ocean related dream that you would love to see in your lifetime?
Swimming in huge ocean swells off the coast of Oahu.

What is your superhuman ability in the ocean?
Being able to bodysurf in sizable surf.

How do people learn more about you?
Daily News of Open Water Swimming, Openwaterpedia, World Open Water Swimming Association, and the annual WOWSA Awards and Global Open Water Swimming Conference.

What is your fave ocean or water quote?
There are too many to pick one. I think, read and write about the ocean and its enthusiasts every day and every day, someone inspires me with their observations of the ocean.

Steven Munatones, Founder
World Open Water Swimming Association
Daily News of Open Water Swimming
Oceans Seven
Huntington Beach, California, U.S.A