Hector: The Impossible Dive at Dean’s Blue Hole

Newzealander William Trubridge just announced “Project Hector”, an attempt at breaking the freediving world record at the daunting depth of 100 meters (328 feet).

No air. No weights. No fins. Nothing.  Freediving is considered the purest form of diving, where the diver may use only their bare hands and feet to swim down into the abyss and back up to the surface.  The record dive is expected to last four minutes.

The dive will take place at legendary Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas, the deepest blue hole in the world, at 203 meters (660 feet).

The current world record was set at 95 meters by Trubridge earlier this year at the same location. The new record attempt has been called ‘Project Hector,’ because 100 meters equals one hectometer.

Here are some geeky details fromthe Vertical Blue website:

“..Trubridge uses a silicon-coated wetsuit specifically designed by Orca, as well as swimming goggles that have been adapted with corrective lenses mounted on the inside so that they can be flooded and enable vision underwater. The record depth is verified by an official Suunto D4 depth gauge that Trubridge wears on his wrist, as well as underwater cameras that are viewed by judges from AIDA – the official organization for verifying freediving records.  Safety technical divers using rebreathers will be stationed along the vertical descent line that William will follow, without touching, to the bottom and back.”

This video shows a gorgeous dramatization of a freedive at Dean’s Blue Hole.

This is the satellite view and exact location of Dean’s Blue Hole on BlooSee:


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