Blood Stains The Cove. Again

Ric O’Barry, the protagonist of the Oscar winning movie The Cove, returned to Japan a few weeks ago with dozens of activists.  Their goal was to shine international spotlight on the heinous slaughtering of dolphins that takes place every year from September to March, in a secluded cove near the town of Taiji.

Japanese officials, fishermen, and national groups have joined forces to vehemently defend the 400-year-old drive hunt as a tradition. About 1,500 to 2,000 dolphins are killed in the the cove each year as part of the country’s 20,000-dolphin quota.

The secret killing cove is no secret anymore. See it on BlooSee:

Ric O’Barry stayed in Tokyo where he conducted several actions, most notably delivering a petition calling for an end to the hunt, signed by 1.7 million people from 155 countries, to an official at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo. Meanwhile his son and other activists from Save Japan Dolphins traveled to Taiji, and folks from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society joined them there.  Simultaneously, Animal Planet started running a series on dolphin killing and trade called Blood Dolphin$.

All these concerted actions have been extremely successful and no dolphins have been killed… until today, September 21, when approximately 15 pilot whales had been killed in the cove, as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society reports.

Photo: Sea Sheperd

I’ll finish this post with some words by Ric O’Barry

I hope you’ll join me to stop the killing of dolphins in Japan. Most people in Japan don’t have any idea that the dolphin slaughter is even happening. If we can spread the word around the world – and especially in Japan – we can expose the secret of Taiji and force the Japanese government to stop it. We can win this issue – but we need your help!

To get involved visit

And to see, and spread the word about the “secret” location of The Cove click here.


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