Moko the Dolphin

Eat, swim, play. Repeat.

That was the life of Moko the dolphin.

For Moko, the world was an endless source of wonder. And each new person was a potential friend, and a new playmate.  He took up residence at Mahia Beach, south of Gisborne, New Zealand,  and became a major tourist attraction. Moko became famous worldwide when he rescued two pygmy sperm whales in March 2008.

But not everybody liked him. Some freaked out and almost drowned when Moko became too playful. Some had their surfboards taken away. Others had their kayak paddles snatched away.

In our world, children are carefully educated out of their own sense of wonder and out of their own openness.  Children are only allowed to play for a bit. In order to ‘grow up’ they must relinquish their native playfulness, and become consumers and producers.  Children must learn that splashing in the ocean is not enough. They must learn to lust after the promise of material things.

Last week, Moko was found dead.  Farewell Moko. Thank you for disrupting business as usual on one of our regulated beaches, and for stealing our toys without asking permission. We will miss you.


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